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Military Music Festival 2023 in cooperation with


25 May 2023, 19:00h, Wörthersee stadium (28 Black Arena)

Amadeus Austrian Music Award Winner

"Music is love and the whole world needs love! The military music festival is a message for love and peace and I am very happy to be part of it."

Melissa Naschenweng


"I am happy to support this great event of the Austrian Armed Forces and the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation for Licht ins Dunkel and look forward to meeting many visitors and participants of the Military Music Festival in Carinthia!"

Andreas Schager


"The Military Music Festival’s a megahit for me – and was a highlight during my time in the Austrian Armed Forces. There, you can see that our Forces not only stand for security and help, but also have a thing for culture and music."

Chris Steger

Festival programme




Presented by: Sonja Engl-Kleindienst & Marco Ventre

Introduction of the bands

March-in of all military bands. After an opening fanfare, the bands from other countries will introduce themselves individually.

A musical greeting from Carinthia, together with three Austrian military bands, will conclude the first part of the festival.




World premiere of ‘Mission Vorwärts’  [Mission Forward]:

The premiere of a musical wok crossing over various genres, composed and arranged by Tristan Schulze, - world premiere performed by military musicians together with special guests and other musicians.

Followed by: ‘Der Große Österreichische Zapfenstreich‘  [Great Austrian Tabs]

ca. 22:30h:

End of the Military Music Festival 2023

Tristan Schulze

The freelance composer, cellist, organist and conductor was born in Saxony (Germany) in 1964 and lives in Austria. Through his contact with Oscar and Grammy Award winner Hans Zimmer, he created a rich film music output, including compositions for Hollywood blockbusters such as Blade Runner, Inferno and The Lone Ranger. Schulze is also known for numerous award-winning compositions for the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation. During his international concert activities, Tristan Schulze worked together with artists like Julian Rachlin, Janine Jansen, Wolfgang Muthspiel and Bobby McFerrin.

We present our military bands:

  • Carinthia

    The Carinthia Military Music Band is a concert wind orchestra of international standing. It performs at festive occasions and enjoys an excellent reputation with its concerts, even among wind music pundits. The Carinthia Military Music Band is also much sought after for light music. Over 25 published CDs and a DVD are ample proof of this.

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  • Styria

    Musically, the Styria Military Music Band primarily accompanies military events, strongly impressing its listeners with musical performances at the highest level. In addition, it inspires the audience – depending on the occasion – also as a big band, wind quartet, brass quintet, Egerländer instrumentation, jazz combo or percussion ensemble.

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  • Salzburg

    The Salzburg Military Music Band makes a special effort to cultivate the works of local composers and perform original works for wind band. Invitations to Germany, Italy, Poland, the Czech Republic or Switzerland testify to its high musical quality.

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  • Tyrol

    The Tyrol Military Music Band secures the future in every respect. It is the largest musical training institution in Tyrol. The band is not only active at federal, provincial and municipal events; it is also well-known and popular for its district concerts and show performances. International performances have taken them from North America to Africa and Asia.

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  • Lower Austria

    With its unmistakable Austrian flavour, the Lower Austria Military Music Band has received special acclaim on numerous trips abroad. It is also an attractive training institution for musicians, music teachers, soloists and bandmasters active in wind music.

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  • Vienna

    In the Vienna Provincial Military Command, the Military Music Band is part of the Guard of Honour. There is hardly a political event in Vienna not attended by the Guard Music Band. With the spring concert in the Konzerthaus, the military concert in the arcade courtyard of the Vienna City Hall or at balls, it enchants its audience. Many a musical career has begun in the Guard Music Band.

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  • Burgenland

    High-quality brass music is the trademark of the Burgenland Military Music Band. It is just as sought after for military occasions and public festivities at home as it is for musical events throughout Europe. Following in the footsteps of Joseph Haydn, the Burgenland Military Music Band provides very special musical experiences.

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  • Upper Austria

    As a training orchestra, the Upper Austria Military Music Band offers the opportunity to work with famous composers and conductors. Hundreds of former military musicians in various functions contribute to the musical culture in the province.

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  • Vorarlberg

    The Vorarlberg Military Music Band trains numerous local musicians and performs a considerable number of times at home and abroad thanks to its remarkable orchestra.

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Our festival guests from abroad:


The first military band of the Italian Carabinieri was founded as early as 1820. Today there are nine Carabinieri bands all over Italy. The Fanfara del 3° Reggimento Carabinieri Lombardia consists of thirty musicians. It gathers inspiration at international performances and is headed by Maresciallo Capo Andrea Bagnolo.


The Slovene Military Orchestra, also known as Slovenian Armed Forces Band, was founded in 1996 and is based in the capital city Ljubljana. It consists of 58 musicians and performs as a ceremonial band for military and state receptions or as a concert band at various events.


The history of the Military Band of the Montenegrin Honour Guard Company goes back to 1958. It is based in Podgorica and offers a musical repertoire ranging from military music via jazz and pop to national anthems.


Since 1981, the Omani Royal Guard Military Band has been the official military band of the Sultan of Oman’s armed forces. It is based in the capital Muscat and is deployed to military ceremonies and official receptions.

In action for security and culture

The Military Music Bands are an important and traditional part of the Austrian Armed Forces, because our soldiers not only ensure our country’s security, but also make a valuable cultural and social contribution as musicians in military bands.

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Access and safety instructions

Visitors are subject to the house and stadium rules during their entire stay in the WÖRTHERSEE stadium (28 Black Arena). It is prohibited to bring objects of any kind that can be thrown or fired onto the playing field or into the spectators’ stands, or with which the peace, order and safety in the stadium might be disturbed or endangered in any other way.

List of permitted & prohibited items
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Donations can be made directly under the telephone number
0664/660 33 555


Military Music Festival 2023

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